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This page is intended for the customers of the PC PAL growth chart component.

The help file gives programmers explanations to all the methods available in the component and also gives code examples (Delphi, VB or C). We've made a common help file for all national versions of the component. You will find that they're all pretty similar. Only a few calls actually differ inbetween versions. So, for simplicity we compiled one file so that all versions can benefit from the explanations and code examples. Obviously the charts themselves are different, with our speciality being real country specific charts, identical to the local design. If you need more help, or just advice, you can contact us for personal assistance.

Trial agreement

If you would like to make a trial implementation using our fully functional component, tell us about your project and we'll forward our trial agreement to you. Sign and return the document and we'll provide you with a trial component for a 3 month period. During the trial you can try out every feature of the component and see how it fits into your environment. With less than an hour work you can get it up and implement a chart selector, add another hour and can set your own data to be displayed in the charts.